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First Genesis/Sunflower, headquatered in Mississauga Ontario Canada, was founded in 1992. Since our humble beginning from a one car garage in Ajax, Ontario, we became one of Canada's leading suppliers of Rubber Bands and LDPE Poly Reclosable Zipper Bags. In 1999, we were nominated by Profit Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. We were proud of our achievements. We credited our success to all our dedicated staff, loyal customers and our reliable manufacturing partners. 

In 2014, First Genesis/Sunflower formed a strategic partnership with a leading manufacturer of Fresh Produce Pouches in China.  Today, we are one of the leading suppliers of Produce Pouches in North America. Our customers are major growers of Grapes, Apples, Cherries, Greenhouse Produce and Field Produce. We also supply Private Label Produce Pouches to some of Canada's largest grocery supermarkets. Through this partnership, we are able to create many more new and innovative products to service our customers. To date, we have the ability to produce our own Half Net Half Poly bags. This kind of bags are suitable for packing Potatoes, Onions, Garlics, Shallots and Citrus Fruits. We can also supply 'Child Safe' Zipper Pouches for the Canadian Medicinal Cannabis market. 

As our industry evolved and moving towards a more enviromentally friendly packaging, we now have the ability to produce a 100% Recycle Pouch bag using a proprietary High Oxygen Barrier LDPE film substrate instead of PET. Most High Oxygen Barrier pouches currently in the market are made from PET over PE film lamination. This film combination is NOT RECYCLABLE. It goes into the garbage and ended up in the landfill. However our new LDPE High Oxygen Barrier Pouches are made from100% RECYCLEABLE LDPE film substrate and is categorized under the Recycle Logo #4.

Other than using a 100% Compostable bag made from Corn, which is relatively expensive and not suitable for High Barrier application, your next best option is to replace your PET/PE Pouch bags with our 100% Recyclable High Barrier LDPE Pouches. Since our bag is made at our Chinese factory, we offer low MOQ and very competitive prices. Our latest factory acquisition of a Digital Printer allows us to produce printed Stand-Up Pouches as low a 1,000 pcs or even create prototype pouches for you to do marketing presentation or test marketing your products. Call or email us for a quote.  

Our focus to deliver consistent quality products and services has helped us built a strong foundation to service the needs of our customers in an increasingly competitive market. Our commitment is alway to provide our customers Value for their money. It has brought us to where we are today and I am confident it will carry our company forward for many years to come. 


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Our Mission

To help our customers succeed by offering them Creative Packaging Solutions, our Best Quality Products and our Best Possible Prices.


Our Philosophy

We honor God in all we do. "Do to others as you would have them do to you."  Luke 6:31 (NIV)


Our Assets

Our greatest asset is our people. From our management staff and employees in Canada to our overseas manufacturing partners and thier employees, we will go “that extra mile”  to satisfy the needs of our customers. You can always count on us to handle your request personally and professionally. 


Our Strength

Our greatest strength is our strategic partnership with our manufacturing partners. It is the many years of working RELATIONSHIP we have developed with our supplier partners that makes us different. It is from this realtionship that gives us that competitive edge to compete and deliver consistant quality products everytime.

Further our many years of Importation and Distribution experience has helped us move products for our customers, not only across Canada, but anywhere in North America and around the world. Our customers have asked us to ship thier bags to thier Vendors or Packaging Facilities in Baja California, Mexico, Santiago, Chile and Brisbane, Australia. We also have Warehouse facilities in USA and Mexico to service customers on our 'Stock & Release' program.   

Customers buy from First Genesis/Sunflower NOT BECAUSE WE ARE THE CHEAPEST. They choose to do business with us because of our QUALITY, RELIABILITY, INTEGRITY, FLEXIBILITY and upfront approach in doing business. We are competitive and we will work hard to earn your business.

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